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Gary Mortimer grew up in Iowa, where his family owned a corn and soybean farm. When Gary was in middle school, his mom decided to move them away from the cold Iowa winters. She and Gary found themselves in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gary worked for a landscaping and nursery company in Phoenix and found his passion for plants and garden design. After high school, the company sent him to Prescott to oversee a large landscape project. He fell in love with the community and soon moved to Prescott to open his own landscaping company. 

Gary, a certified nursery specialist, started Mortimer Landscaping Company in 1987. In December of 1995, he opened Mortimer Nursery. In 1996 he met his soon-to-be wife, Sharla. Since 1987 Mortimer Nursery & Landscaping has grown with the Prescott community as Prescott's premier garden center. 

We specialize in mature trees, flowering plants, bushes, evergreens, house plants, pavers, hardscape, soil, garden decor, fountains, and more. Mortimer Nursery is our community's full-service garden center. 

The Mortimer family and team of expert nursery professionals invite you and your family to visit Mortimer Nursery to decorate your life with plants. 

Your garden and plant experts
Mortimer family
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Growing with our community since 1987.
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