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Plant of the Month: February (The Beautiful Heather Shrub)

It's February! With the new month comes so much exciting news, such as our Terrarium Class on the third of this month. Check out our events page to learn about all of the exciting things coming up.

Without further ado, let's dive into this month's plant, the Heather shrub. There is the Heather, and the Heath. Although these plants are almost indistinguishable throughout most of the year, the Heather blooms throughout the summer while the Heath blooms during the cold winter months.

Evergreen Heather shrub blooming during winter
Heather Shrub (Calluna vulgaris)

This shrub will only grow around a foot tall and wide, which is why it's great as an accent to your landscaping. Most people love to purchase several and plant them in rows or create intricate designs. If you're looking for help with your home landscape design come on down to the nursery and book a yard call with one of our nursery experts, where we will come to your home and help you plan a total yard makeover.

The Heather features beautiful pink/purple flowers that bloom year-round. During the winter the plant keeps its color, and continues to bloom, making it a beautiful addition to a yard that can be enjoyed even after everything else goes dormant.

The Heather is hardy, but prefers well-drained soil above all else. While they will tolerate full sun, it's best to plant them where they will receive protection from the afternoon blaze during the arid summer months. It's important to water these frequently, especially when they've been planted recently.

If you're like most people and just don't have time to dedicate to watering your plants multiple times per week look into an irrigation system. Automated irrigation is the best way to ensure that all of your plants receive adequate water as often as necessary.

Like all plants, the Heather is susceptible to being infected by invasive insects such as spider mites. If you notice your plant looks sick take pictures and speak with a nursery expert immediately, as these problems can be mitigated when addressed early.

The Heather is a beautiful, ornate, evergreen shrub that can easily fit into any landscape design. Come down to Mortimer Nursery and pick yours out today!

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