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Plant of the Month: January (An Evergreen Tree that will brighten up the gloomy winter months)

Happy New Year from everyone here at Mortimer Nursery. With another year comes the excitement of learning new things, and there's nothing more rewarding than refreshing your plant knowledge. We have an exciting lineup this year, and to start things off right we are going to be talking about a tree that is easy to love year-round.

The Austrian Pine is hardy and will grow just about anywhere, but prefers a cooler climate, which is why they thrive in the Prescott area. When you plant one, expect it to grow just over one foot per year. While we're on the topic of growth, it's important to mention that optimal growth and health within a plant is only achieved by properly caring for that plant along the way. For the Austrian Pine that means a proper planting (talk to one of our nursery professionals about our planting services), fertilizing three times per year, and frequent inspections by a trained eye to ensure your tree is as healthy as can be.

An Austrian Pine for sale at Mortimer Nursery
Austrian Pine (Pinus negra)

Another key benefit of the Austrian Pine is that it's draught resistant, which is something that we can all appreciate here in Northern Arizona. While you'll still need to water this tree, it will be very manageable.

The best way to conserve water and ensure that your tree is sufficiently hydrated is by utilizing a drip irrigation system. If you do not already have one, be sure to talk to one of our nursery professionals about having our team install this system along with your new plants.

If you're looking for a total yard makeover, come down to our nursery to schedule a yard call, where our nursery expert will come to your property and help you design your dream yard.

Now that you know why the Austrian Pine is one of our favorite evergreen trees, it's time for you to decide where it would look best in your yard! Still kicking it around? Keep in mind that our Earth Day/Arbor Day sale will be held from April 22nd to April 27th, 2024. All evergreen plants will be 20% off! Stay tuned for next month, where we will be talking about February's favorite plant.

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