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Fall in Love With Your Yard this Autumn!

Quit the heat and build your dream yard this fall. Don’t let your gardening fun end with the summer.

Fall is the perfect time to plant your favorite flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Visit Mortimer Nursery to see your future plants in their full glory, and start planning this year’s autumn additions.

Here are our top 3 favorites for fall gardening:

1. Perennials

The changing leaves aren’t the only bright colors available in autumn. Planting your favorite perennial flowers in the fall is a great way to

prep your garden for Spring. Once winter hits, insulate them against the cold with dead leaves and mulch.

2. Trees

It’s never too late to think about privacy and shade. Autumn is a great time to plant the trees you’ve been dreaming of. The cooling temperatures and moisture are perfect for growing a natural canopy or foliage fence.

3. Shrubs

Planning on installing some shrubs or bushes, but the summer just got away from you? Shop now, plant later. Planting Red-tip Photinia, Euonymus, or Wax-Leaf Privets in the fall soil will allow your yard to flourish in the springtime. Plus, you won’t get sunburn.

Don’t forget the proper nutrients!

Water consistently in the fall until the ground freezes.

Water trees and shrubs 3 times per week for about 90 to 100 minutes making sure to thoroughly soak the roots.

Water perennials and smaller plants 4 times per week until the soil is well saturated. If in a pot, water until water is coming out of the bottom of the pot.

Once winter arrives water just twice a month.

Be sure to fertilize your plants!

Pick up a bag of our Mortimer Premium All Purpose Starter Fertilizer or the Tree and Shrub Fertilizer. These products will give your plants the strength they need to thrive.

Happy planting!

Here's to building your dream yard.


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